Overdraft Coverage

We offer multiple services to help you if you overdraw your checking account.  These services will help prevent the embarrassment as well as merchant fees that result from returned checks.  Our services include the following:

  • Overdraft Protection
  • Linked Accounts

With the Overdraft Protection Program, the bank may authorize the payment of checks, electronic transactions, recurring debit card transactions, bill payment and, with your opt-in authorization, ATM transactions and one-time debit card transactions.  Limits are set, per checking account type, on the amount of negative balance We will cover and a standard overdraft fee is associated with each item paid.  The negative account balance must be repaid promptly.

Our checking and/or savings accounts can be linked so that, should an overdraft occur, funds would automatically be transferred from one account to another.  (These transfers are subject to the six times per month regulatory limit that governs debits from money market or savings accounts.)