Lost or Stolen ATM/Debit/Check Card


During banking hours...

Contact any First National Bank office or the Call Center at 704-484-6200. (Please note when you "Hotcard" your card a new order is required.)


After banking hours, bank holidays or weekends...Access one of the following options to "Hotcard" your card:

1. Online Banking option tab, then select ATM/Debit Card options.  This allows you the option to "Hotcard" the missing card. 

2. Call Your Hometown Bank Hotline at 704-484-6300 or toll free 1-800-373-6301 and select menu option 9.


Left your ATM/Checkcard at the ATM...

The machine will retrieve the card within 30 seconds.  With proper identification, you can pick up your card at the bank the following business day.