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Estate Planning

Estate Planning / Trust Services

Our financial specialists can help you protect and enhance your life's earnings for the benefit of both you and those whom you care about.  Let us help you plan for the future and minimize estate taxes.  Call us for a free consultation with one of our financial specialists.

Estate Planning

Benefits of executing a will include the following:

  • Achieve significant estate tax savings from proper estate planning.
  • Appoint a fair and impartial executor instead of leaving it to the court to appoint one.
  • Decide and direct how your assets will or will not be disposed of upon your death.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your beneficiaries will be provided for according to your wishes.

Benefits of appointing Us as Executor or Co-Executor of your estate are as follows:

  • Professional and impartial management ensuring compliance with your wishes.
  • Administration of your estate with impartial service.
  • Collection and distribution of assets in compliance of all tax regulations.
  • Access to a diversified group of specialists (i.e. attorneys, accountants, investment advisors) to best administer the estate.
  • Proper record keeping for estate administration.
  • Beneficiaries receive quarterly statements.
  • Timely compliance with court and tax filing requirements.

Trust Administration

A Trust provides the following great benefits:

  • Possibility of significant tax savings.
  • Provisions for younger beneficiaries until they are old enough to handle their affairs.
  • Ensures that your wishes are carried out in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Prevention of family assets being unnecessarily divided or sold.
  • Confidentiality assured as opposed to a will which is a public document.
  • Protection from the financial consequences of failed marriages, poor business decisions, or other legal problems.
  • Protection against many of the legal and financial problems of disability and old age.
  • Provision of continuous professional asset management.

Designating Us as Trustee or Co-Trustee provides the following benefits:

  • Experience in trust administration and investment expertise.
  • Access to a diversified group of specialists (i.e. attorneys, accountants, investment advisors) to best administer the trust.
  • Recordkeeping necessary for proper trust administration.
  • Peace of mind in knowing We will continue to administer your trust for many years and even generations to come.


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